Thursday, September 13, 2012

Taking after Mama

Yesterday after lunch, Nora asked for a banana. Lately she only eats bananas at Trader Joe's so that alone seemed odd. She wandered off, chomping happily on her banana. A few minutes later she came back to take off the bottom half of the peel. I started doing the lunch dishes.

As I finished up the dishes, I realized Nora hadn't been in to stand between me & the counter like she usually does and the house was way too quiet.

She was happily cutting the banana into bite sized pieces on her kitchen counter. She had the cutting board, knife and a colander all in use.

She was so proud of her knife work and asked if I wanted some banana. She then got to work, laying out a little blanket, getting us each a baby bottle, dish and fork. When she realized she only had one doll dish, she went to the kitchen for two plastic Elmo plates.

"It's a banana picnic, Mama!"

We ate every bite.

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