Thursday, December 15, 2011

All done


Earlier today, you asked to nurse. You used your fairly new word, milk, and used the first sign you learned and have had for so long now, and asked so sweetly, as you have SO many times before, although most weren't so easy to understand. But today was different. It had been exactly 8 days and 6 hours from the last time we nursed. (I checked the Total Baby app just to see how long it had been.) You'd weaned yourself from that one remaining morning feeding, only nursing for a few short minutes that last time. That day I knew we were done. So when you asked today, I was torn. I loved sharing those special moments with you, holding you close, seeing you smile up at me. I missed it, so I was torn. But is time to move on, so for the first time in your life, I said no baby, we're all done.

Breastfeeding you for 21 months and 4 days was a pleasure. Daddy and I worked so hard so that you would have the chance to nurse. We wanted that for you so badly, for you to have all the benefits that breastmilk can give, and for you and me to have the bond that nursing brings. And we did it. Those first 9 days were hard, SO hard, but through all the supplemental nursing systems, syringes, and whatever else we used to feed you, we knew we were doing the best for you. Once your tongue tie was resolved, you and I had a much easier time. We had our rough patches, like when you first got teeth, but we worked through them together.

I learned a lot from those 21 months and 4 days-things I never considered when I decided I wanted you to breastfeed. Most important in those lessons, it taught me that no matter what, I would always fight for what was best for you. Daddy and I fought for you to be able to breastfeed, we took the harder path because we felt breastfeeding was that important. We will always do everything in our power to give you the opportunity to do your best in life, even if it puts us on a harder road, even if you may not always agree with what we think is best.

So as you asked for milk again, I asked if you wanted Moo. You smiled and we went to the kitchen for a glass of "Moo". Eventually, you'll stop calling cows milk "Moo" and it will become milk. That will be sad for me, I'm sure, as I wonder if that means you don't remember when milk came from Mama. Because I won't forget. I won't forget the way you'd rub your tiny hand across from my one shoulder to the other as you fed. I won't forget how you'd pull off, smile and laugh. Or how you'd reach up and pat my face. Or play the game where you'd push my head from one side to the other and back again, giggling as you ate happily. I won't forget when you'd finish up on one side, hop off my lap to go play, freeze in your tracks, turn back and say, "otter side?" just like you did on the last day you nursed. December 7th, the day your daddy and I met in person, also the day you weaned. I'll never forget it.

I love you more than you could ever know, my sweet girl.



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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Whirlwind Weekend

Last weekend we went to Minneapolis, MN to volunteer for the Liz Logelin Foundation and to see friends.

This was our 2nd year volunteering for the LLF and our 3rd trip to Minneapolis.

The flights, both there and back, were pretty painless. Nora was restless and loud before takeoff but settled in once we were able to access our carry on luggage and the toys and snacks they carried. One person commented that she had lungs like an opera singer but I thought she did great. Just a few screeches here & there.

We had a lot of fun while we were in Minneapolis. We arrived on Thursday and got ourselves settled into the hotel. While Nora napped & Travis watched TV, I got to spend a little time with Becky and Gina. Becky sent me & Gina on an errand to Home Depot. We failed at acquiring the necessary stakes but we had fun anyway. That night we had a nice dinner with Nancy at The Bulldog. Best tater tots ever!

After breakfast at the hotel on Friday morning, we spent almost 2 hours taking photos with Nancy! She took about 900 pictures and we changed Nora's outfit 6 times!

Nora had a blast running around, climbing stairs, playing with rocks, crawling up hills and running after Nancy's squeaker.

We grabbed some lunch at Potbelly (YUM!) and enjoyed their live music. Then things went a little haywire.

Only a few minutes after being back at the hotel for naptime, Nora & Travis were playing in the bedroom when Nora fell on the low windowsill and sliced her lower lip clear through. So. Much. Blood. Travis was calm & collected but I was a little loopy, insisting I change my shirt before I took my poor girl from him. Not my finest moment.

Nancy gave us info on a hospital and off we went to Fairview Southdale. We didn't wait too long before being taken to triage and not long after that before we were back in an exam room. The bleeding had stopped on it's own (good thing because Nora wouldn't let us put any pressure on it) and Nora was in good spirits. She had fun running around the waiting room but wasn't thrilled about being cooped up in the exam room. Thankfully we had a real room with a door, not just a curtain.

The doctor explained that Nora's lip would heal without stitches but he'd prefer to do the stitches so her lip would heal evenly. That
was our thought as well, so that's what we did.

After a dose of ketamine (!) they put three stitches in the left side of Nora's lower lip.

She didn't cry out in pain, but there was some wiggling & unhappiness involved. Travis said I talk when I'm nervous because I never shut up the whole time. Oops!

When Nora started to come around we went back to her room. Now, by come around, I do not mean she was awake & alert. Oh no! She was far from it. The was flying high. She couldn't stay still, kept saying Mama & Dada over and over, and was just all over the place. I now understand why Special K is a party drug.

Once Nora could drink from a straw, we were sent on our way. We grabbed some soft foods for Nora (low residue/soft food diet) and Tylenol from the nicest Target I've ever seen, then went back to the hotel. With the Celebration of Hope just an hour away, we weren't sure if we should leave Nora with the sitter or not. The doctor said she'd sleep a lot and we knew she was exhausted after her long morning & no nap, so we decided to go. Nancy's sister assured us they'd be fine and they were. Nora had a few pouches of food for dinner, they played and Nora went right to sleep and slept soundly all night.

Meanwhile, Travis & I went to the COH. We won one item in the silent auction and assisted with the live action portion since we missed our original volunteering duties. Matt and the other widows who spoke reminded us of exactly why we were there. I pray that neither Travis or I are ever in that position but it is nice to know that there is support out there for grieving families if we ever did.

Saturday morning we were up bright & early for the 5k. Travis handled the registration table while I was a roving helper/cranky Nora wrangler. Tylenol helped but I think she was still in pain and out of it from the drugs. She was definitely not herself.

It didn't help that everyone was eating muffins and bagels-things she could definitely not eat. Poor baby.

Once the 5k wrapped up, we finally got down to see Minnehaha Falls, which we missed last year because it was dark when we finished.

Then off to the 5-8 Club for lunch With Gina, Nancy, Cara and her girls. We went with fried mushrooms & pouches for Nora and bacon cheddar Juicy Lucy's for me & Travis.

After naptime for me and Nora, Becky & Julia, Rachel, Adam & Susy and Gina came by the hotel to go through hand me downs from Gina's girls. We brought home an entire fall/winter wardrobe for Nora! The girls played with books & piles of clothes while we all sorted and talked. It was nice to have some downtime with them while the girls played. Afterwards, Gina joined us for dinner at Noodles which was SO YUMMY! I wish we had one. So simple but good! Then poor Gina had to help me with a massive blowout. Yikes, Nora! And thanks Gina!

Sunday before the flight home, we had hotel breakfast (brunch plans with the Tuttles was cancelled when poor Ryan got sick) and then Becky & Juj came back to play some more. The hotel was attached to Edinborough Park indoor playground so we let the girls run wild.

Juj talks about on her blog so I'll just link over there.

It was so fun to see Nora & Julia play together. I hate that our friends are so far away.

Then off to the airport and home once again!

We're very lucky to have such great friends in and around The MN and we love visiting with them. I'll cross my fingers that we'll be back again next fall.

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Test 2

Let's try with pics

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The blogpress app hasn't been letting me post so I deleted & Re loaded it. let's see if this works.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad mommy, Good baby

Nora's baby book is completely blank. Not a single word written in it. I say that I'll go back and fill it all in and maybe someday I will but really, it's unlikely. The best laid plans...

Since the baby book didn't go well, my sister suggested I get a calendar and keep track of when Nora took her first steps and said her first words. I kept that up for a few months until the calendar ended up lost in the couch cushions for a few months.

This blog is probably my next attempt at capturing those special moments and milestones. And given the date of the last post, we can all see how well that's going. Other friends with babies Nora's age have the best blogs! I wish I'd started one of those project 365 things so I'd need to post pictures every day but it seems wrong to start that at the end of June.

All of this is to say that I'm not good at tracking things.

Last week Nora and I were on the ferry home from having lunch & a sweaty walk on the Highline with a friend from out of town. A woman and her son sat next to us. She took out a container of bubbles to entertain her son. She realized the angle of the two strollers was blocking Nora's view of the bubbles and asked if it was okay for her to blow towards Nora too. Nora was thrilled to be spun around to join the fun. She clapped and excitedly exclaimed, "Bubble! Bubble!" My jaw dropped. I didn't know she knew how to say bubble! Talking about it with Travis, we realized we haven't been keeping track of when she does things for the first time. Chances are I've tweeted & posted pictures on Flickr of the major stuff but every day she shows us something new she's discovered and I'm afraid we'll forget.

We've been watching Baby Signing Time and Signing Time on and off for months. Each time we take a break and then go back to it, Nora has a communication explosion. New signs or words or both come spilling out of her. I have no doubt that the time she spent watching Baby Signing Time last week while I tackled our massive piles of laundry, was completely responsible for her learning the word and sign for bubble.

So in an effort to remember how quickly her language skills are developing right now, I present the list of Nora's words & signs.

As of 6/27/2011:
Mama (1st word)
Uh oh
Buh (Balloon)
Ball /sign too
Baby /sign too
Bubble /sign too
Dog /sign too, plus she recognizes a dog barking as being a dog even if she can't see the dog
All done /sign too
Moo (what we call cow's milk)
No (she's had the word but not the meaning until recently)
Kitty (when prompted)
Nite-nite (and points to her crib if we're in her room)
Down (sounds like dow)

Signs only-
Thank you
There may be more signs we just don't recognize.

When asked where's your ___? she can point to:

Other fun facts:
Nora does the hand movements for itsy bitsy spider if you sing the song, if she hears the tune or if she hears the word spider.

If you sing Baa Baa Black Sheep, she will chime in with "Baa Baa" when you start the 2nd line, like in a round. It's super cute.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Miss Eleanor Quinn took her first steps today! She took two steps from the foot stool to me sitting on the love seat this morning and then took a few more this afternoon to Uncle Kurty. I got the second set on video! Yay! Way to go, Nora! We knew you could do it.

Not long after her first steps

Walking to Uncle Kurt!

YouTube Video

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nora's favorite words

Nora has quite a few words these days. The most often heard are mama, dada, more, something we think is either kitty or Tellie, balloon (boo) and box (also boo, but different). But her favorites, by far, are the ones heard in this video.

YouTube Video

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


After much time and effort, Nora is finally starting to clap!

YouTube Video

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Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year, New Blog?

After my sad attempt at blogging in 2010, started before the birth of our daughter, I decided that maybe the best way to get back into the swing of blogging was to start anew. I'm hoping that by writing short notes to Nora that I will get the hang of this and use my other blog as a journal for me rather than a place that's all about the baby.

Even if I start out simple, just posting a few photos or videos, or even just talking about what she's doing or eating from day to day, at least there will be something for her to see and read later in life.

While I'm getting this blog up & running, Nora is having her "finger food" meal of the day. I try to give her at least one meal that she completely feeds herself. I'm working on being okay with her getting covered in food and this is the best way to do it, I suppose. She's having shredded cheddar cheese, peas, a rice cake, mandarin oranges (her first time with these) and a piece of Italian bread left over from takeout the other night. Not too messy but not all dry stuff either.