Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First first day of school

Nora had a fun first day of school. After a few 1st day photos on the porch, we headed up to campus. First we rode a shuttle from the parking lot to the building. She met her teacher, found her cubby, put her gingerbread girl on the class wall, colored, played in sand, found every toy phone in the room, played with wooden birthday cake (surprise, surprise!), colored some more, and helped clean up. Mrs. S gave the kids a lollipop for their first day & immediately had to start prepping Nora that would not happen every time she went to school.

Nora mostly played on her own or interacted with Alice, who she already knows. We met a few other kids on the shuttle back to the car so maybe on Thursday she'll play with others.

She wasn't too nervous but if she went to find me and I wasn't in the spot she last saw me, she started calling out for me in a distraught tone. I'll try to stay out of the room on Thursday to see how that goes.

She's talked about Mrs. S several times since we got home, so hopefully she'll warm up to the situation.

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